Well Renny kinda messed up her outfit, so we changed from Firefly to Next Gen outfits. But Serenity had the better idea because we got most of our photo ops today with the next gen cast. The day started out with me wearing Heathers fuzzy slippers to the Nike outlet because I stepped both feet first in a crazy deep puddle groundhogs day style on the way to get a two liter of diet dr pepper at the gas station behind the hotel last night. Got some cool looking nikes at the outlet almost Marty McFly style. Then we stopped in to BK for a whopper breakfast before the convention. We got great parking this time, much better than two years ago. No need to be bussed to the Orange County convention center we just walked a little bit and were in. The pre on line orders line we thought was short, but exactly like Ralphie in A Christmas Story “Hey! The line starts over there kid!” So we walked and walked to the opposite end of the extremely long building. We couldn’t see the end of the line, we thought we were in for an extremely long wait, the buy now line was about 14 people while our line was the rest of the people, but to the convention organizers credit the line moved very fast. We got our green puffy plastic wristbands and tickets for Saturday’s TNG cast reunion panel, then it was on to room 224 for the Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Denise Crosby, Levar Burton Q&A. That was fun. Then it was off to get our photos with Gates McFadden, Levar Burton, Brent Spiner, John Delancie and Will Wheaton. It was really cool meeting Gates McFadden, I’ve have a crush on her since 1987 and she was so nice and very beautiful in person. She even held Serenity for the Photo 🙂 Brent and Will were also very nice to Renny. Brent did tiny little life forms on serenity’s belly. The. We went to get lunch and Heather got teriyaki chicken and I had animal crackers. We then went up and down the dealer rooms until they closed the room. I looked at a lot of cool stuff but being on a budget we only got two things, a Doctor Who travel mug for Heather and a Doctor who magazine for me. At the end of the day we ran in to Captain Jack Harkness and he was nice enough to let us get a photo with us, Rrnny was enamored with him, and so was I a little. After all that we were very tired but fought traffic to get to the Dollar Tree to stock up on supplies for tomorrow. Back at the hotel now, showered and in som PJs gonna watch Insurrection in English. Below are some quick and dirty iPhone pics of our pics till I get my high quality digital downloads.